5 Signs You Need Siding Replacement


Well-maintained siding can dramatically improve your home’s exterior and overall visual attractiveness. It also plays a key role in protecting your home from water and from the elements.


There are various materials for your siding to choose from and it falls on you to select the one you believe will be the best for your home. Remember that durability, versatility, energy efficiency, and appearance are the key factors you should consider to ensure that you are choosing the right material.


Overtime, the siding gets old, cracks, and breaks, leading to a host of problems. Most homeowners fail to see the need to get them replaced immediately, resulting in bigger damage and repairs. You can avoid this if you know the signs of a problematic siding in Minneapolis.


• Rotting or warping.
Poke around your siding to see if there are rotting or warping. Use a sharp object to determine if the layer under the siding is soft. If so, you need to get it replaced immediately.

• Peeling paint, or ruined or stained wallpaper.
If there’s peeling paint or stained wallpaper inside your home, there might be moisture entering your property caused by faulty siding. If left unfixed, moisture can permeate through the wallboard and result in interior damage.

• Bubbling.
When you notice bubbles on the siding, it is almost certain that water was able to penetrate inside. This is a cause for alarm and you definitely need to have the siding fixed as soon as possible.

• Holes.
There shouldn’t be holes in your siding. If there are holes, it means that insects were able to get through. This can lead to insect infestation if not addressed immediately. Holes can also cause water to enter your home when it’s raining or snowing.

• Cracked or loose siding.
If there are large sections of your siding that appear cracked or are loose, conduct an inspection to see if any underlying problems are present.


If you notice any of these signs, you will need Minneapolis siding replacement from James Hardie. James Hardie is a world-class manufacturer of top-quality, innovative, and durable, siding that are highly resistant to damage and require low maintenance. Call us now to get replacement services!


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