A Complete Guide to Accurate Siding Estimates

If you’re considering a siding project, one of the first things you’ll need is an accurate estimate. It gives you a projected cost for this home improvement project, encompassing everything from material costs to labor charges. An accurate estimate prevents surprises down the road and helps you budget accordingly.

Krech Exteriors, the top siding and roofing experts in and around Minneapolis and St. Paul, explains what you need to know when obtaining one.

Getting an Accurate Siding Estimate

When getting an accurate estimate for your siding project, keep the following in mind:

  • Research Siding Options. Different siding materials (vinyl, wood, fiber cement, etc.) come with varying costs. Decide on your preference based on durability, aesthetics, maintenance and cost.
  • Measure Your House. Calculate your home’s exterior square footage (length x height) per wall. Don’t forget to include door and window areas.
  • Review Estimate. Detailed estimates will specify material brands, labor hours and projected schedule. If there’s a significant deviation from the average cost, ask the contractor why.
  • Be Aware of Extras. Housing wrap or insulation, old siding removal or unique architectural features may incur additional costs. Ensure these potential added expenses are factored into the estimates.
  • Confirm Licensing and Insurance. When vetting a prospective siding and roofing contractor, make sure they have proof of licensing and valid insurance. Apart from peace of mind, these credentials should be in place to protect you from substandard work and any liability in case of accidents during the project.

Factors Influencing Siding Estimates

Siding estimates are influenced by several key factors, impacting the overall cost of your project.

  • Materials. Options like vinyl, wood or fiber cement come with varying price tags, affecting the overall budget. 
  • Size of Your Home. Larger homes require more materials and labor, increasing the cost. 
  • Labor Costs. Skilled labor tends to come with a higher price point, impacting the final estimate. 

Get an Accurate Siding Estimate With Us

Krech Exteriors is expertly equipped to provide accurate estimates and quality installation. Our team of expert siding installers and roofers considers all relevant factors and our extensive experience in the field allows us to provide reliable services. Contact us by calling (651) 688-6368 or filling out our online form to schedule a consultation. We serve clients in Minneapolis, St. Paul and the surrounding communities.

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