Advantages of Siding Replacement Over Painting

Sprucing up the exterior of your home can be quite a conundrum. Should you opt for a new paint job or invest in a siding replacement in Minneapolis? We’re here to shed some light on the matter. While a fresh coat of paint may seem like the easy way out, siding replacement often presents the better, long-term solution. 

The Benefits of Siding Replacement

Siding replacement offers a plethora of benefits for your Minneapolis home. 

  • Improve energy efficiency. Modern siding materials have become known for their improved insulation. These materials reduce heat loss, cutting energy bills over time.
  • Low maintenance requirement. Once siding is installed, it requires minimal upkeep in contrast to regular painting, which must be repetitively redone every few years because of weathering.
  • Increase home value. It significantly enhances your property’s curb appeal, which can be a lucrative strategy for boosting the future resale value of your home.
  • Address any hidden damage. Issues like rot or mold are often concealed and could be identified and appropriately repaired during siding replacement.
  • Durability. Quality siding materials can withstand various weather conditions and last for decades. Paint has a far shorter lifespan as it can chip, peel or fade over time.

The Limitations of a Paint Job

While a paint job might initially appear cost-effective, it has several limitations. 

  • It requires frequent maintenance. This means the paint must be updated every two years or so to maintain its quality and appeal, which can be hard and expensive. Furthermore, the paint job simply covers visual faults, leaving structural issues like rot or mold untouched. 
  • Susceptibility to weather conditions. Paint is commonly known to fade, peel or bubble up due to continued exposure to the sun, persistent rain or elevated humidity levels. Paint deteriorates faster than siding due to this sensitivity.
  • Falls short when it comes to insulation. Unlike modern siding materials with insulating properties, paint cannot improve your home’s thermal efficiency.

Let Krech Exteriors Handle Your Siding Replacement 

Choosing Krech Exteriors for your siding replacement means choosing expertise, reliability and satisfaction. For decades, we’ve been serving homeowners in and around Minneapolis, MN, helping them improve their homes with long-lasting, high-quality siding.

If you’re ready for your replacement, call us at (651) 688-6368, or fill out our online form to schedule an appointment.

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