Do You Need to Install a House Wrap Under Your New Siding?

Do You Need to Install a House Wrap Under Your New Siding?

House wraps are a cause for confusion for many homeowners looking to install new siding largely because most people don’t really know their purpose. Do they prevent moisture and mold growth? Are they there to minimize drafts and leaks? In today’s post, Kerch Exteriors tries to shed light on house wraps so you can determine whether or not you should get them for your home.  

What Are House Wraps?

Simply put, house wraps are a synthetic material used to protect homes and commercial buildings from the elements by acting as a weather-resistant barrier between your exterior walls and siding. Contrary to popular belief, most siding materials are not 100% wind and waterproof so having house wraps installed in between them can go a long way towards protecting the integrity of your structure.

Originally, house wraps were made of asphalt-covered felt paper, but over the years, house wrap materials have advanced and offer far better protection. Vinyl and wood siding, in particular, can benefit greatly from house wraps as there are many seams where the boards overlap. Wind-driven rain can get into these gaps and cause leaks and even structural damage.  

Masonry-based siding materials, such as brick and stucco, on the other hand, will require a different type of house wrap. A micro-porous wrap installed behind masonry-based siding can drive moisture into your wall cavities so be sure to talk it over with your siding contractor. 

While house wraps aren’t mandatory for some local building codes, there really is no logical reason why you shouldn’t afford yourself with this extra protection. They are relatively inexpensive, can last forever and are very easy to install.

If you are looking to install new siding and house wraps for your home, turn to the experts over at Krech Exteriors. We have been faithfully servicing home and business owners in Minneapolis since 1988. For all your exterior home improvement needs, feel free to give us a call at (651) 688-6368, or fill out our contact form to speak to one of our experts today.

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