How to Choose a Color for Your New Siding

How to Choose a Color for Your New Siding

When replacing the exterior of your home in St. Paul, MN, choosing a color for your new siding can be overwhelming. To make sure you pick the perfect color combination, you must consider various factors, including neighborhood aesthetics and personal preference. 

With these tips and the help of an expert siding contractor, it would be easy to choose the new exterior colors that fit your home best.

Consider Your Neighborhood

Your home is part of a community, your neighborhood. It’s important to consider siding styles and colors that will not clash with the surrounding homes. Do you live in a traditional area or are most houses stylishly modern? 

To maintain an overarching aesthetic, look at homes on either side, across the street or nearby that might offer ideas for what works best. Additionally, you can talk to neighbors to get a feel for trends and their opinions about exterior design.

Take Note of the Color of Your Roof

The color of your roof should be considered when selecting colors for your new siding. Choose a complementary hue to pull together the warm or cool look.

Consider the Color of Your Front Door

The front door is often a main feature of your home. When selecting colors for your new siding, consider what works best with the color and material of your entryway. Is it painted black or deep blue? If so, stick to a light hue for contrast or one that blends seamlessly into its surroundings. 

Choose a Color Palette

Once you have a few colors in mind, grab color swatches from the paint store and narrow down your selection. For a more traditional look, earth tones such as blues, greens and tans will help layer and balance the exterior of your home.

If modern is more up your alley, consider bolder hues like navy blue or vibrant yellow to make a statement. 

Rustic and farmhouses are trending with deep shades of red paired with warm shades of brown for an effortless look that’s inviting yet classically elegant all at once. 

Consider Your Personal Preference

At the end of the day, you must choose a color combination that matches your taste. Looking through magazines and design blogs can help bring your vision to life. Colorful images and tips will help you gain inspiration when putting together the overall look for your home exterior. 

Install Top-Quality Siding From Krech Exteriors in St. Paul, MN

Selecting colors for your new siding in Minneapolis can be daunting. But considering the tips outlined above, you can create the perfect look that fits your style and reflects your surroundings. 

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