How to Combine Different Siding Materials and Profiles

How to Combine Different Siding Materials and Profiles

Combining two or more different siding materials and profiles may result in home exteriors that look more eye-catching and appealing than ever. Here are tips to help achieve the results you want.

Using Different Colors for Different Profiles

A typical home exterior has a palette of at least three colors – two for both the roof and siding, and the other for the trim and other accents. Conventional home designs call for a single siding color, but you have the freedom to choose more than one to establish unique visual textures and bring out the style and profile of your siding material. One way to go about this is to add contrast by pairing a dark- and light-colored siding color, making sure that both choices seamlessly work together. You may also choose two different shades of the same color to create a distinction between different materials while achieving a more cohesive look.

Highlighting Contrasting Textures

Since there is already a difference in color, you can also think about distinct textures for your siding materials. Here, you can opt for one siding with a smooth finish and the other with a rough and rugged appearance. Using the same texture across different profiles can minimize the visual impact of your siding materials.

Adding Different Profiles

A dramatic shift between siding profiles is possible, especially when used for both the upper and lower floors. Different profiles help accentuate the different levels in your home. For example, a board-and-batten siding can be used on the upper floor while the lower floor can benefit from the traditional clapboard siding.

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