Limitations of Aluminum Siding

Limitations of Aluminum Siding

Aluminum siding was once the most popular choice for homes in the US. However, it has lost its popularity, and fewer homes are using it to protect their homes against varied weather conditions. Nowadays, there are better siding materials.

While aluminum siding has some good attributes, it also has major drawbacks and limitations that make other siding materials better choices. Here are some reasons you should consider LP® SmartSide® siding instead of old-fashioned aluminum.

Aluminum Dents Easily

Aluminum is tough, but it can get dented fairly easily. Dented areas are difficult to repair or replace. This is a problem, especially in areas that are exposed to extreme weather, where better siding options are advisable.

Aluminum Can Be Noisy

Rain, hail and debris can cause aluminum siding to produce loud, unpleasant noises. This might add to your stress during periods of inclement weather.

Aluminum Is Not the Best-Looking Material

Aluminum siding tends to lose its beauty when it is scratched. Plus, the paint will start oxidizing within a few years.

A Lot Is Needed for Its Production

A lot of raw materials and a large amount of energy are needed to produce aluminum siding. Those who care about the environment are likely to frown upon this.

There Are Far Better Choices

These factors alone should give you enough reason to avoid using aluminum siding for your Minneapolis home. Other siding options include LP SmartSide, which are durable and attractive, and won’t disturb your sleep during stormy evenings.

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