Prevent Damage with Our Water Intrusion Restoration Program


During the rainy season, your home is more prone to water damage. This happens when your home’s exteriors are improperly installed or if low-quality products were used. If left unattended, water damage could cause damage to the interior structure of your home and it could become harmful to your health.


By doing a visual inspection, you can check for the following signs of water damage:


• Water stains

• Buckling floors and walls

• Crumbling concrete or drywall

• Stale smell inside a room


When you see these signs, you should call Minneapolis siding contractors immediately to fix the problem. To get a comprehensive inspection and efficient solution to your water damage problems, consult Krech Exteriors today.


Water intrusion service

We are proud to be experts in handling water damage in homes around the Minneapolis area. We will inspect the damage, provide possible solutions, and help you understand our water intrusion restoration process.


Here is how we handle your water damage problem.


1. Damage assessment – We will visit your home to check the extent of the damage. We will also provide you with steps on how we will handle the problem. You can trust our expert staff to check all the leaks and cracks in your home.


2. Solution design and cost estimates – Once we identify the problem, we will then explore our different options. With a restoration, we can incorporate a new design or we can also restore it following your home’s original style. With the help of our design experts and the wide array of products we have available, you will have several options to choose from.


3. Repair and restoration – We will make your home safe by fixing the source of the water damage. This process may include removing insulation, sheathing, windows, and other damaged materials; however, we promise to restore your home to its original state or to give it a new look if you so desire.


Insurance assistance

Water damage can sometimes be covered by insurance. In these cases, we can work with your insurance company to provide the information that they need to determine the damage value. We will provide detailed damage and repair estimates so that the insurance representative can speed up your claims process.


Water damage is a hassle for any home. Krech Exteriors provides extensive services for roofing and siding in Minneapolis that will ensure your homes’ protection. Learn more about our convenient services by calling (651) 968-8888 or you can also fill out our contact form to request a quote.

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