The Better Siding: Why Vinyl Is Superior to Wood

The Better Siding: Why Vinyl Is Superior to Wood

Wood used to be the most popular siding option until vinyl hit the market in the 1970s. Fast forward to 2017, vinyl continues to live up to its billing as the ultimate siding solution. Despite the emergence of newer materials, such as composite and fiber cement, it has remained the undisputed choice of the industry.

Siding experts at Krech Exteriors consider vinyl the superior alternative to cedar. Vinyl’s long-term durability is at par with the latter’s, and it is also an excellent insulator itself and mimics the look of authentic wood realistically. However, the following are the main reasons most homeowners choose to re-side with vinyl:

It Doesn’t Decay

Vinyl repels moisture naturally. It doesn’t rot with water, eliminating the need for costly, periodic painting. On the other hand, wood could easily lose its strength due to water damage. Paint may help preserve its structural integrity for a certain period, but its protective coating is subject to wear, too. This is why wood siding is synonymous with maintenance nightmares. While vinyl still needs some upkeep, it only needs a garden hose to stay clean and beautiful.

It Resists Fading

Vinyl siding comes with a finish that lends it a stunning color. Normally, constant exposure to UV rays could render them dull and lifeless after just a few years. Fortunately, modern vinyl products can now retain their vibrant appearance longer because of advanced manufacturing techniques. They don’t succumb to fading, unlike their older counterparts, allowing them to contribute to curb appeal for a long time. Their superior UV resistance makes them more durable, too.

It Is Economical

The real reason vinyl is the most popular siding option is its ability to appeal to all budgets. It’s incredibly tough for its generally low price, making it a sensible investment over the long term. In fact, the best vinyl choices you’d find on the market have powerful product warranties.

Wrap your home with vinyl siding to get the best of wood minus the drawbacks. At Krech Exteriors, we provide helpful design services to help you visualize your new siding on your actual home. To discuss your siding replacement project in detail, call us at (651) 968-8888 today for your FREE, in-home consultation in Minneapolis.

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