The Impact of Siding on Your Home

The Impact of Siding on Your Home

Aside from making your home’s exterior look beautiful, your siding also protects your home from possible damage from wind and rain. This along with the roof and the drainage system is the holy trinity that keeps excess moisture away from the interior of your home.

Your siding can also affect energy performance at your home. This is one of the things that insulate the entire building and prevents moisture from entering your home, which can affect your overall HVAC expenditure. Here are some insights on how your siding makes the interior of your home safe and comfortable.

Water Damage

A terrible storm can create a lot of issues for you and your home like mold outbreaks, damaged sheetrock and even wall damage. In addition to its aesthetic purposes, your siding protects your home from these problems and possible structural damage.

Well-maintained siding is also leak-free. This means that your siding can prevent the growth of water-related flora within your walls. When leaks and moisture gaps develop, it’s fairly common for moss and mold to grow in the areas of your wall affected by the leak or gap. This is why regular maintenance of your siding will protect your home from these growths.

How do you spot issues with your siding? Simply look for these: cracked vinyl, bent or warped spots, or siding that is easily pulled from the walls. You can also check if the damage has already seeped through the siding by checking from within your home. Look out for peeling paint, sagging wallpaper or unidentified stains on the wall.

Energy Efficiency

As mentioned before, your siding plays a vital role in your home’s energy efficiency. It acts as a final barrier that insulates your home from the elements. Quality siding prevents drafts from entering your home, which means you use less energy to keep your home warm during the colder months.

In the summer, your siding also prevents the heat from getting into your home, which helps with your air conditioning.

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