Vertical Siding: A Worthy Investment

Vertical Siding: A Worthy Investment

Vertical siding is less popular than horizontal design, but it’s nevertheless worth the remodel. While the installation is not without challenges, its advantages add value to your money in more ways than one.

As the authority on siding in Minneapolis, Krech Exteriors is thrilled to share with you the wonders of having a vertical siding system. Especially if you’re going with the LP SmartSide® siding, going vertical can transform your home.

Check out its fantastic features:

Distinctive Look

As many of us are used to seeing horizontal siding, embracing the vertical style adds a sense of uniqueness to your home’s appearance. While horizontal systems are generally economical and fast to install, vertical siding in Minneapolis has the greater potential to take your home’s curb appeal to new heights.

The fresh look this siding style gives you home will complement other architectural features of your lovely abode. After all, LP SmartSide siding is impressively versatile in design. Thanks to its defining shadow lines and deep cedar grain texture, this product will give your home the charm of real wood.

Easy Upkeep

Vertical siding is easy to maintain. Even if you only have to clean your siding about once or twice a year, clearing the dirt on a horizontal Minneapolis siding system eats up more time and energy. Considering its sheer volume, this is a design that can significantly make upkeep easier.

Resistant to Impact

LP SmartSide siding is made from engineered wood, which is naturally resilient against the harshest elements. Its remarkable strength allows it to endure any weather. Its robust construction gives you powerful impact resistance, keeping your home’s structural integrity intact for a long period.

As vertical siding is no ordinary home improvement project, you should only entrust it to a no ordinary contractor. Call Krech Exteriors now at (651) 968-8888, and let us help you with your siding needs.

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