Vinyl Siding Can Lower Your Home’s Energy Costs

Vinyl Siding Can Lower Your Home’s Energy Costs

Vinyl ranks among the most popular siding materials for residential properties, surpassing the likes of wood and composite. This is due to its easy availability and affordable price, and how it can benefit your home greatly once installed.

In this post, our siding experts at Krech Exteriors explain how installing vinyl siding can even lower your home’s energy costs.

Insulated Vinyl Siding

Installing insulated vinyl siding prevents heat loss between the wall studs and exterior walls. This phenomenon is called thermal bridging, one of the biggest factors that contribute to low energy efficiency and high energy bills. This happens because even with built-in insulation, the wall studs themselves bleed out heat once they come in contact with exterior siding.

Insulated vinyl siding addresses this by placing a blanket of protection over the studs, which completely nullifies thermal bridging. With this type of siding installed, you keep your home warmer in winter and cooler in summer.

Weather Barrier

Vinyl’s higher resistance to water damage and weather means that once it’s installed on your home, it doubles as a secondary weather barrier that shields your home from the elements. This improves your home’s energy performance as it completely prevents drafts and air leaks from entering your home.

Vinyl siding also has a natural tolerance to moisture, which means it won’t rot or corrode over time. With proper care, this siding can last up to 50 years or more.

Attractive Siding

On top of its energy-saving properties, vinyl is also one of the more attractive siding options available. It has the widest color palette out of all the siding, which means it can come in a range of color schemes from darker tones to warm and light shades. Its sheer versatility allows you to install this siding in almost any kind of home.

You can count on our team from Krech Exteriors to install your new vinyl siding with your energy goals in mind. Call us today at (651) 968-8888 to learn more about our services. We install siding in Minneapolis.

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