What Weakens Your Siding?

What Weakens Your Siding?

Your home’s siding protects you from external elements, such as rain, wind, sunlight and snow. Aside from your roof, your siding also plays a big part in the external appearance and quality of your house. If there are any breaches to the integrity of your home’s siding, the subtle effects can be felt in time – like having higher electricity bills even though your lifestyle has not changed, having allergic reactions even though your window is closed and other often unseen effects. What factors contribute to the deterioration of your siding? 

Weather and Temperature

Siding is built to protect you from weather effects and other external elements. It is to be expected that after a few years, constantly changing weather will cause wear and tear on your siding. Changing temperatures have physical effects on the surface of your siding, which absorbs the brunt of sunlight, rain and wind on your home. 

Siding is designed to expand and contract, but there are times that extreme heat or cold causes your siding to crack, making unnoticeable gaps and dents that water can access. During winter, when the snow melts into water, and it enters these small cracks, it further deteriorates your siding from the inside and can even make the cracks wider and deeper when it freezes up again.


Pests are common enemies of organic composite materials. These destructive pests are naturally recurring, so constant preparedness against them is a must. Complete protection from pests like birds and insects is very difficult to manage, but with great maintenance and pest-resistant materials, your sidings can last for a longer amount of time. Also, consider getting pesticides for the plants and trees you own since eradicating their nests (even if they’re far from your home) further lowers the risk of them damaging your property.

Moisture and Improper Maintenance

Your siding is designed to protect your interior against moisture and natural elements while providing good energy efficiency and aesthetics. Properly maintaining it ensures not only low risks for deterioration, but also keeps your home clean and appealing to the eyes. Improper maintenance, like not inspecting it during severe meteorological phenomena like hailstorms, leads to complacency that causes minor damage that admits moisture and other destructive elements into small cracks and crevices on your siding.

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