Keeping Your Windows Well-Maintained in Fall

Keeping Your Windows Well-Maintained in Fall

Reduce heating and cooling costs during fall and winter by taking care of your windows properly. Well-maintained windows can provide optimal protection for your home and keep it comfortable and energy-efficient throughout the colder months. 

Here are tips to help you get started.

Sashes, Frames and Windows

You can use a soft, clean cloth and a brush to clean your window sashes and frames. Make sure to go through the corners and sides of each sash, frame and grille to remove the smallest amount of debris and dust.

Operable Parts

With a strong vacuum cleaner, aim the hose at the dust on the window sills and tracks. Strong vacuum cleaners can quickly remove stubborn and caked dirt, but a portable one is a good alternative if you’re only dealing with minimal dust and dirt.


Use soapy water or a liquid window cleaner and wipe the glass using a soft microfiber cloth. Before using any liquid window cleaner, check the window’s manual for any restricted chemicals that can damage the glass surface. Furthermore, clean the glass only on cloudy days to prevent streaking or cleaning residue.

Faulty Locks, Handles and Hinges

Over time, window components suffer from a few issues. Check your window for any stiffness, sticking or locks that aren’t latching. You can address these issues by calling a professional who can repair the faulty hinges and locks and improve window operability.

If you have warped, cracked or rotted window components, outside air will be able to infiltrate your spaces. Window replacement is the only way you can repair these. To get the best windows, ask your local contractor for recommendations.

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