Reasons to Replace Your Windows During the Fall Season

Reasons to Replace Your Windows During the Fall Season

Window replacement can be done during any season, unlike most other kinds of home improvements. However, the best time to get your windows replaced is during the fall season. Here’s why.

Milder Weather

Fall weather is milder compared to the seasons that bookend it, which makes it more comfortable for both homeowners and window installers. There are short periods between window removal and replacement where the room is exposed to outdoor conditions. This means if window replacement is done in the middle of the summer or winter seasons, the HVAC system would have to increase its output for a longer time to make up for the loss, resulting in an increase in your energy consumption. 

Comparatively, milder outdoor temperatures during the fall season would not consume as much energy. Also, window installers would be more comfortable and finish sooner than they would during seasons with extreme temperatures.

Preparation for the Winter Season

Windows with single-pane glass allow for thermal transfer, which is why drafts typically occur in these areas. Installing replacement windows with ENERGY STAR® ratings can help improve resistance to thermal transfer and make the home more energy-efficient. This means the workload on your heating system wouldn’t be as high and could help you save on heating costs. A lower workload would also mean lower risks of an unexpected breakdown in the middle of winter. Most importantly, your home would be a lot more comfortable during the winter season.

Impress Your Guests

With restrictions becoming more relaxed in the past few months, you’re probably all set to host gatherings in the coming months. It’s a great opportunity to showcase your new windows and impress friends and family – not with just their looks, but also their features and performance.

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