Window Replacement: Things to Remember

Window Replacement: Things to Remember

Costs, scheduling and existing issues are only some of the things you should consider when undertaking a window replacement project. As it takes a significant amount of money and a moderate amount of time to complete window replacement projects, the choices you make must be deliberate and well-planned. What things should you keep in mind? 

 Installation Type

There are two types of window installation available for your window replacement project, and it depends on your preference and the condition of your existing windows.

                Retrofit/Insert Installation

                Retrofitting is a fairly simple installation. It only replaces the chosen windows, and not the frames and the initial foundation of your previous windows. This installation is best for windows that have incurred minor damage or if you simply want to replace your old windows based on your personal preference. Proper assessment is needed as full-on reconstruction and replacement projects are not always necessary. Retrofitting usually costs 10%-15% less than a full-frame installation.

                Full-Frame/Tear-Out Installation

                This is the common course of action for old windows and most home improvement projects. As the name implies, it involves fully tearing out your old window, down to the very foundation. Everything is removed and replaced with new ones. This is usually preferred, as it not only addresses existing problems with your previous windows, but also saves on maintenance and upkeep costs in the future. If your old window had problems with moisture, appearance and energy-efficiency, a full-frame installation eliminates those problems by replacing everything from scratch.


The locations of the windows you want to be replaced also play a big role in the cost of the project. As room types differ in function and size, the effort and costs involved with the replacement windows are affected as well. Bigger rooms mean bigger surface areas and more materials, and vice-versa. Bedrooms require windows that have opening mechanisms while hall windows can be still windows that don’t need to open up and can be covered with draperies. As a homeowner, it depends on your preference and budget on how you will tackle your window replacement project, along with the recommendations of your chosen contractor.

Materials Used

Choosing the materials for the windows you want to be replaced heavily impacts the final results of your project. Having more expensive, but higher-quality materials increases the overall costs. Yet, it also saves you from maintenance and repair costs in the future, making them a worthwhile investment. Not only that, having higher quality materials increases the sale value of your house.

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