5 Reasons Winter Is the Season for Window Replacement

5 Reasons Winter Is the Season for Window Replacement

Window replacement can increase your home’s energy efficiency and aesthetic appeal like new siding. After your project, you will notice your living space is more peaceful and comfortable due to added insulation. Like new siding, it’s also great for people looking into selling their properties in the future because new windows can contribute to higher resale value. 

Winter is one of the best times to replace your windows. Here’s why. 

Why Get New Windows This Winter?

Lower Cost

Window replacement costs can be significantly lower in the winter. Since most homeowners are not looking to install new windows during this time, many contractors offer discounted rates. Also, material prices might be lower due to reduced demand this season. 

Ideal Weather Conditions

Winter is cold and dry, allowing adhesive and sealants to set faster. It helps speed up the installation process. Moreover, snow and rain can cause delays in your project. You can save yourself from this issue by waiting until precipitation levels are at their lowest. 

Longer Warranty

Many window manufacturers offer extended warranties on their products if installed during winter. It means you will get peace of mind knowing your windows stay protected in case anything goes wrong.

Improved Energy Efficiency

Replacing old windows and siding with new ones can significantly improve your home’s energy efficiency. Modern units excel at minimizing heat loss through windows, especially in winter, reducing electricity consumption. Your living space will also become more comfortable during cold weather. 

Easier Access to Materials and Professionals

There is usually less competition among contractors in winter. As a result, you can access quality materials and schedule your project easier. 

Why Hire a Local Installer?

It pays to invest in an experienced local contractor for your window replacement project. They are knowledgeable about which materials and products work best for your climate. These professionals also know which techniques to use for cold-weather installation. 

Enjoy personalized service and easier access to materials by leaving your window installation to a local installer like Krech Exteriors. We work with leading roofing, siding and window manufacturers to ensure quality products and services. Call us at (651) 688-6368 or fill out our online form to request an estimate. We proudly serve homeowners around Minneapolis. 

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