Choosing the Right Window Size for Your Home

Choosing the Right Window Size for Your Home

When it comes to choosing replacement windows for your home, a variety of factors must be considered. Apart from the components like framing material, glass and the overall aesthetics of your windows, you must also take their size into account. 

Windows in Standard Sizes

When it comes to window replacement, a one-size-fits-all approach isn’t viable. Replacement windows, however, are available in standard sizes to ensure a proper fit in most openings. They’re readily available or on stock from your local supplier or contractor. Because they aren’t customized, the cost of getting them can be manageable.

Your Home’s Orientation

Many homeowners choose larger windows to take advantage of adequate sunlight, uninterrupted outdoor views and ample ventilation. However, you can’t just install them in your home as you see fit. You have to consider your home’s orientation. The part of the home that receives less sunlight can benefit from bigger windows. Doing this on the opposite side that gets drenched with too much sun might be bad for your indoor comfort with all the heat transfer.

Cost of Window

Choosing larger windows means more materials will be used during the manufacturing process, including the glass and the frames. Additional components like an extra glass pane or two can drive the costs up. Talk to your siding and window specialist about your options.

Window Style

Sometimes, the style dictates the size of your replacement windows. Picture windows, for instance, are fixed to the opening and don’t open or close like your typical double-hung or casement windows. However, they look better when they are larger, especially if you are considering daylighting. If you still want operable windows without sacrificing the size, choose bay windows. They are a combination of one picture window with two operable windows on the side.

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