How to Keep Your Home Clean During Window Replacement

How to Keep Your Home Clean During Window Replacement

A window replacement, like all other major home improvement projects, can get messy. While it sounds impossible to keep your home clean before, during and after having your windows replaced, it’s doable with the right steps. In this post, Krech Exteriors shares several ways to keep your home clean during window replacement.

Schedule the Best Day to Install

Pick the best day for your window installation. Choosing a day with comfortable temperatures is best for your windows to perform better after installation. Spring is ideal because of the pleasant weather and low likelihood of rain and snow.

Clear a Path

Before having your replacement windows installed, clear out any clutter near or around the potential work area. Make sure the pathways are free of obstructions to make it easier for the installation team to move the old and new windows in and out of your home.

Protect Immovable Items

Dust and debris can settle on heavy furniture and appliances. Cover any immovable items with a drop cloth or tarp. Using plastic sheeting, you can also cover delicate upholstery and curtains or wall coverings.

Cover Floors

Cover carpeted floors from dusty boot tracks as workers head to and from the work area. Be sure to place thick cloth or cardboard along the pathways. Prevent further tracking by asking the workers to inform you upon finishing a room and the next room in their queue so you can place drop cloths and cardboard along their trail.

Shut All the Doors

Shut all the doors between work areas to prevent dust from entering them unnecessarily. Also, shut the door if you’re cleaning the room after the window replacement.

Close Off Work Areas From Kids and Pets

Kids and small pets can get in the way of work and may cause accidents to themselves or the workers. Keep them away from the work area or let them stay somewhere else until the project is finished.

Plan for Cleanup

Contractors usually clean the inside of your home upon completion, but it won’t always be enough. Reputable ones will dispose of your old windows and other debris; still, you’ll be cleaning the dust and small debris remaining in the work areas. To save time, you can schedule a cleaning contractor to appear by the next day or within the hour if available.

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