Design Tips: Planning a Low-Maintenance Exterior

Design Tips: Planning a Low-Maintenance Exterior

Maintenance is important to maintaining the visual appeal of your exterior. Unfortunately, not everyone has the time for it.

Keep in mind that some materials are more prone to damage and require more maintenance. By replacing these materials with low-maintenance alternatives, you can create a low-maintenance exterior.

Fiber Cement or Vinyl Siding 

Wood grain siding is known for its classic aesthetic, but it also needs frequent maintenance. Wood is particularly vulnerable to moisture. We suggest replacing it with fiber cement or vinyl siding.

Fiber cement siding also has a classic appeal and is a suitable alternative to wooden siding in a home with a historical aesthetic. But if you want more design flexibility, vinyl siding would be the better option. This type of siding comes in a variety of colors and can mimic different textures, including that of wood. And, since this type of siding is resistant to insects and moisture, you won’t have to worry too much about its upkeep.

LP® offers premium siding that mimics wood grain siding. But if you want a bit more variety, the manufacturer offers easy customization options, with a variety of style options.

Metal Roofing 

Your siding is just one of the two prominent parts of your exterior. The other one is your roofing system. Sun exposure can break down the surface of your roof, and, as such, protective coatings need to be reapplied to a roofing system periodically. Using materials with reflective properties for your roof eliminates the need for coatings.

Metal has reflective properties. And, since it reflects sunlight instead of absorbing it, metal roofs have the added benefit of lowering your cooling costs.

Vinyl and Aluminum Window Frames 

Window frames are prone to leaks, so it would be a good idea to choose frames made from durable weather-resistant materials like vinyl or aluminum.

If you’re going to replace parts of your exterior, only hire experienced contractors. Krech Exteriors, a roofer with more than three decades’ worth of experience, offers a wide range of home improvement services. To request an estimate, call us at (651) 968-8888, or fill out this form. We serve homeowners in Minneapolis.

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