What to Do if There’s Dry Rot in Your Roof

What to Do if There’s Dry Rot in Your Roof

Dry rot typically occurs in concealed parts of the roof, where there’s moisture. It is an invasive fungi that reproduces at a rapid rate and thrives in an environment where moisture, warmth and wood are present. If left untreated, dry rot can cause your roof to weaken and break down over time.

To help you detect this problem before it’s too late, you need to know how to check for rot in your roof.

Checking for Rot

You can start by inspecting areas in your roof that are prone to moisture. Typically, these include gutters, downspouts and other edges and corners where water can possibly collect. Clean out the gutters, and make sure the downspouts aren’t blocked. Don’t forget to take a look in your attic space, too. Watch out for signs of rot like cracks, splits and discoloration.

To learn if you have found rot, you can use a screwdriver to apply pressure to the affected area. If it penetrates the wood, chances are you’re dealing with rot.

What to Do in Case of Rot

Call your roofer immediately if you discover rot in your roof. Since rot spreads quickly, it’s best to take action before it reaches important structural components like ceilings and plastering. Make sure the source of moisture is addressed, and fix any leaks on your roof. Also, keep your roof well-maintained, and schedule regular inspections. This will help prevent the issue from recurring.

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