GAF TruSlate®: The Ultimate Alternative to Traditional Slate

GAF TruSlate®: The Ultimate Alternative to Traditional Slate

Slate is one of the most enduring roofing materials known to man. Its steep price, however, has put it out of reach of most modern homeowners. Plus, structural modifications are almost always necessary to support its massive weight, making reroofing projects more disruptive and increasing the cost of labor. Although many economical alternatives are available on the market, there’s no better substitute to traditionally installed slate than authentic slate.

Introducing TruSlate® from GAF, one of the best innovations from North America’s leading roofing manufacturer. As a GAF Master Elite™ roofer, Krech Exteriors is honored to offer this premium product. Here are some of its winning qualities:

Ingenious Design

TruSlate uses less slate to keep its weight and cost to a minimum. In traditional slate roofs, half of each piece is tucked under the one above it, hiding it from view and basically letting it go to waste. But with TruSlate’s clever design, GAF has replaced it with an ultra-tough waterproofing material, which is installed under each course of slate.

Remarkable Toughness

Since TruSlate is real slate, longevity is its calling card. It’s made from genuine hand-split quarried slate sourced from New England and Canada. GAF conducts comprehensive chemical and long-term testing on its slate roofing products and strives to meet the most exacting European standards. Compared with slate imitations, TruSlate doesn’t curl and warp, and withstands the strongest of winds.

Easy Installation

TruSlate pieces, along with its complementary components, have pre-drilled holes, so there’s no need to create nail holes on site. In addition, each of its individual slates can be rearranged after installation.

Stress-Free Maintenance

It would take a lot to damage slate, but in case a repair is necessary, replacing the affected pieces is a breeze to GAF-trained roofing contractors.

Graceful Aging

Available in timeless colors, any TruSlate style delivers a stunning, upscale appearance. With realistic coloration, it’s truly a luxury you can afford. As one of the few roofing materials that ages gracefully, slate’s weathered look would continue to increase your home’s curb appeal decades after its installation.

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