How Can Different Weather Events Affect Your Roof?

How Can Different Weather Events Affect Your Roof?

When a severe storm hits your area, one of the most vulnerable parts of your home is the roof. While roofs are designed to protect you and your home from these kinds of incidents, it can only take so much. However, you can keep your roofing system strong with regular maintenance and by addressing damage as soon as it’s detected. 

Read on to learn how different weather events can affect your roof.  


Many homeowners underestimate the damage rainstorms can do. Keep in mind that even the smallest leaks can eventually turn into a bigger issue when your roof comes across heavy and consistent rainfall. Have your roof regularly inspected after a storm to ensure water is shedding properly off the surface. 

Heavy Winds

High winds can cause shingles to crack, break or loosen from the roof. When shingles fall off, the exposed area can be prone to damage due to the elements. To avoid further problems, make it a habit to have your system professionally inspected by an experienced roofer following a weather event. Compromised or missing shingles must be replaced immediately before significant damage occurs. 


Any snow or ice buildups along the edges of the roof must be removed after a snowstorm. The added weight of the snow can compromise the structural integrity of your roof and gutters. When the snow or ice starts to melt, the water can penetrate under the singles and refreeze, leading to damage. 


Hailstorms can cause more damage than heavy rains. Large hailstones can cause significant shingle granule loss and even crack the material. Once cracks form on the shingles, it can allow hail to harm the material underneath them. 

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