How We Can Help You Deal with Water Damage

How We Can Help You Deal with Water Damage

Water can invade vulnerable areas of your house, lulling you into a false sense of security that everything’s fine. Unfortunately, by the time you discover the issue, the damage is already severe.

As the true leader in St. Paul roofing and siding, Krech Exteriors has always been an advocate of proactive home inspection. Despite the lack of obvious red flags, it doesn’t necessarily mean your home is safe from water damage. The rough weather in the area may have left unpleasant surprises.

If you do nothing, you might not have enough time to address certain structural problems and ready your home for the next winter. If you notice signs of water damage or suspect their existence, contact us immediately.

Here’s what you can expect from us:

Assessing the Damage

As one of the most respected siding and roofing repair contractors in Minneapolis, our team will perform a meticulous inspection. We will make sure to identify every possible presence of water damage. We’ll work with efficiency to complete the job fast without leaving a single area unchecked.

Providing Sound Advice

After the inspection, we’ll give you an honest assessment of your home. We can offer recommendations so you’ll know the best courses of action to take. While it’s still your decision to repair or replace anything, ignoring minor problems might worsen and become costlier to deal with.

If you choose to fix it right away, we’ll recommend different options and provide you an estimate early on.

Repairing the Damage

Regardless of the severity of the water damage on your roof or siding, you can bank on our wealth of experience to restore your Minneapolis roofing. Especially this summer, expect us to strive finishing the job in schedule. We do everything to eliminate delays to minimize the project’s disruption to your normal home activities.

Dealing with Your Insurance Company

Lastly, our team can also help you file your homeowner’s insurance claim. We’ve been dealing with insurance companies for years, which is why we can help you make this process painless. Our experts will take care of the necessary documents your insurance company may require.

Krech Exteriors is the top company that can put a permanent fix on your water damage at home. Call us now at (651) 968-8888, and tell us how we can be of help.

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