Q and A: All About Storm Damage Roof Repair and Insurance

Q and A: All About Storm Damage Roof Repair and Insurance

Your Minneapolis roofing system is your primary barrier against harsh elements. That said, any structural damage to it, like those caused by storms, may be inimical to you and your family’s safety. For effective storm damage repair and fast insurance processing, you can turn to Krech Exteriors. Let our trusted roofers answer your top questions about our roof repair and insurance services.

How Long Do I Have to Wait to Have My Roof Repaired?

Insurance processing takes around four to six weeks to finish. Upon receiving the actual cash value check from your policy carrier, we can finish the needed roof repairs within two weeks. This way, you can enjoy your reinforced roofing system as soon as possible.

Why Does My Insurance Company Have to See My Home When There’s No Damage?

It may be difficult to detect any roof damage after a storm. This is why it’s best to call one of the reputable roofing repair contractors in Minneapolis, like Krech Exteriors. We have the expertise, training, and advanced equipment to inspect your roofing system for any threats to its structural integrity.

If we do find any damage, we will assist you with filing a claim with your coverage carrier. Otherwise, you can enjoy greater peace of mind that you and your family will stay safe and comfortable in your home. Most importantly, we perform these inspections for FREE.

Why Do I Need Krech Exteriors When I Have Been with My Insurance Company for a Long Time?

Your trusted insurance agent primarily works for your coverage carrier. As your trusted local roofers, we always maintain a professional approach when assessing your St. Paul roofing system for storm damage. This way, we can provide an accurate evaluation of the type and extent of repairs needed.

For any storm damage repair and insurance concerns, you can turn to Krech Exteriors. Call us today at (651) 968-8888 or complete our contact form to request a FREE quote.

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