Window Seal Failure: 5 Signs to Look For

Window Seal Failure: 5 Signs to Look For

Nowadays, many homes have replacement windows installed. But window seal failure can be a common issue that will reduce their effectiveness and lifespan. Understanding the signs of seal failure is essential to determine if you need a replacement.

This blog post discusses the top five signs of failed window seals in St. Paul, MN, so you know when it’s time for a replacement.

1. Condensation

One of the most apparent signs that window seals may need to be replaced is visible condensation on the glass. When sealants can no longer prevent air and moisture from entering, condensation will form between two panes. 

If you touch the coldest parts of your windows and find them wet or discolored, this could be a sign it’s time for new window seals or entire replacements.

2. Mislatching

When window seals fail, they can cause frames to mislatch. You’ll know if this happens when you have difficulty opening and closing your windows. If the frames get stuck in the open or closed position but are still working otherwise, it might indicate defective sealant failure. 

3. Drafts

If you feel drafts while standing near your windows or even when they are closed, it’s another sure sign of seal failure. When the weatherstripping deteriorates, air and moisture can pass through, creating gaps in its insulation. 

4. Unusual Noises

Another symptom of defective window seals is unusual noises when the windows open or close. This noise will sound like a whistling or whooshing sound and can be caused by seal damage or improper installation.

5. Heat/Cooling Loss

One final sign of seal failure is an unexpected jump in your energy bill costs. When window seals fail, they lose their insulation quality, which can cause air to leak through and require more energy from your cooling or heating system. 

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