3 Reasons GAF Covers More Homes Than Any Shingle Brand

3 Reasons GAF Covers More Homes Than Any Shingle Brand

BUILDER Magazine named GAF as the Brand Used Most for asphalt roofing for this year’s BUILDER Brand Use survey. Being the manufacturer of the best-selling Timberline® shingle series, this recognition further validates the amount of trust homeowners have for GAF.

As a Master Elite™ roofing contractor in Minneapolis, Krech Exteriors is thrilled to share with you the winning features that separate GAF from the rest. Here are the reasons why we chose to partner with this leading brand:

Superior Shingles

GAF is one of the few roofing manufacturers that invest in cutting-edge science to take asphalt shingles to greater heights. After intense product research and development, GAF has revolutionized asphalt roofing in every area.

Apart from expanding their product line, the brand developed Advanced Protection® Shingle. This technology improves weather resistance and durability of shingles without the need for the application of excess asphalt. It’s the best combination of strength and performance you could ever find. This results in asphalt roofing in St. Paul tough enough to withstand harsh weather conditions like frigid winters and muggy summers. You can also expect years of beauty without maintenance.

High-Quality Components

GAF also offers the Lifetime Roofing System on top of your shingles. This has key components that protect your home without compromise. If you buy GAF’s complete roofing system, you’re saying yes to exceptional water leakage protection and ventilation.

From leak barriers to ridge cap shingles, these premium accessories can help extend the life of your GAF shingles. GAF ensures that these products work together to safeguard your home’s most vulnerable areas and prevent damaging moisture buildup in the attic for decades.

Strong Warranties

GAF is perhaps the most generous brand in the industry when it comes to warranties. Their top-tier warranty provides 50- and 25-year coverage on material defects and workmanship-related issues, respectively.

Because of our status as a Master Elite roofer in St. Paul, our company has an exclusive privilege to extend GAF’s highest level of coverage. Considering its powerful features, getting this warranty gives the most for your investment.

If you’re looking for quality, beauty, and durability in one roof, GAF is a brand that you can trust. Call Krech Exteriors now at (651) 968-8888 to schedule your free in-home consultation.

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