6 Tips to Help You Choose the Right Roofing Contractor

6 Tips to Help You Choose the Right Roofing Contractor

The most significant part of every home improvement project is in choosing the right contractor for the job. Choosing your contractor is especially important, as you’ll have to live with the results for more than a decade. While you have your baseline skill requirements (installation, repairs, maintenance), you also have to factor in character traits (trustworthiness, honesty, professionalism) and a good record.

 It may sound difficult, but it only needs a small amount of legwork. Krech Exteriors offers these six tips when looking for your next roofing contractor in Minneapolis:

1. Shortlist local contractors. If issues arise with a contractor, there’s a better chance of getting a resolution if the contractor is from your community. They’re most likely familiar with local codes, regulations and weather conditions, which makes it a big plus when you’re looking for a specific type of roofing in St. Paul. Krech Exteriors has been serving Minneapolis homeowners since 1988. We’ve been in the industry for many years because our clients trust us.

2. Look for manufacturer certifications. This means that the contractor has received training and certification straight from the manufacturer. For instance, our GAF Master Elite™ certification means we can install the brand’s products. What this means for homeowners is that they can expect all installation procedures to go smoothly and consistently.

3. Research Better Business Bureau (BBB) ratings. This assures you that the company is trusted by real clients. Positive feedback is always a sign of trustworthiness in the industry. With our A rating, you can be sure of reliable customer service.

4. Get an extensive warranty. You can get two kinds of warranties: material (or manufacturer) warranty, which covers factory defects; and workmanship (or contractor) warranty, which covers workmanship issues. Krech Exteriors is one of the few contractors who can cover both.

5. Check for proper licensing. This would seem pretty obvious, but many homeowners forget to check on this important aspect. A reputable roofer in St Paul should have their license numbers published on their website. You can verify our license on this site.

6. Be concerned about safety and insurance. A contractor without safety program or policies is a big risk. That means if something happens on-site, you might just end up being liable for it. This goes as well with contractors who don’t have insurance. That’s why we make sure to let our clients know that we have their safety covered. We also have workers’ compensation insurance.

If you’re looking for a contractor that qualifies in these and other criteria, contact Krech Exteriors today. Call us at (651) 968-8888 or use our form to schedule a free consultation.

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